Q: How quickly will my snow be removed?
A: We believe in efficient service. Being a local company allows us to be on-site within 12-24 hours.

Q: I have interlock, how can I ensure there will be no damage?
A: Inverno Snow Management only uses the safest equipment and snow shovels to remove snow. We adapt to the type of driveway you have, ensuring no damage is made.

Q: How will I be able to identify your staff when they come to my home or business?
A: Our vehicles are identifiable as they are marked with the Inverno Snow Management logo. Our staff also wears company-labelled gear.

Q: Do you offer any discounted rates for senior citizens or people with disabilities?
A: We make a conscientious effort to assist the elderly and people with disabilities by offering special discounted rates.

Q: How many visits can I expect from Inverno Snow Management?
A: We offer unlimited services throughout the cold winter months.

Q: What is the minimum snowfall amount to have Inverno Snow Management come to my home/business?
A: The minimum snowfall is 5 cm of snow.

Q: I would like to proceed with hiring Inverno Snow Management, what are the terms of payment?
A: A minimum deposit is to be made upon signing the contract. Payment plans are also available.